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Product Details
Tri Aerogel Styling Spray is an amazing new type of hair spray that is great for all hair types, especially for people with fine hair or sensitive scalps. Tri Aerogel contains a gel base, but is in an aerosol can. Tri Aerogel sprays out a fine mist and works as a root lifter, fixative, and gel spray all at the same time! Tri Aerogel Styling Hair Spray gives great hold for humidity and does not leave the hair feeling stiff; Tri Aerogel leaves the hair with a great hold, but workable and brushable. Fine hair can now be held in place, but Tri Aerogel will not hold it down. Give Tri Aerogel a try and see why this hairspray is becoming the fastest selling hairspray on the professional salon market (10.5 oz)
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