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The traditional placement for a tongue piercing is along the midline of the tongue, in the center of the mouth. It is often approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm) or so back from the tip of the tongue. It is placed with the top a little further back than the bottom, which allows the top of the jewelry to lean slightly back, away from the teeth, and toward the higher part of the upper palate where there is more room in the mouth. It is also usually positioned just in front of the attachment of the frenulum. Includes: 1 - 6714 1 - Cork 1 - 14g Needle 1 - 14g Barbell 1 - Disposable Forcep 1 - Patient Bib 1 - Sani Hands Packet 1 - Iodine Prep Pad 2 - Large Alcohol Prep Pads 2 - Surgilube Packets 1 - Pair of Gloves