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Product Details
This is a Brand New Top Quality Customized Tattoo Kit all items in package are selected base on suggestions of experienced artists All basics you need to start your tattooing hobby are included Tattoo needles are EO Gas sterilized We using the 45 copper threads strand silicone insulated tattoo gun power cord which offer very good conductivity and flexibility Here are the items in kit and their major specifications A Super Popular 10 Layer Warp Coils Tattoo Machine Gun A Super Popular 10 Layer Wrap Coils Craved Antique Tattoo Gun With Snake Leather Pattern Wrap A Craved Antique Grip Matching Style With Gun A Purple Grip with Rod UL listed Digital Power Supply Set operating at 110V220V Output 2Vdc to 20Vdc Foot Control Power Switch A Very Unique High Quality Silicone Insulated Tattoo Power Cord 4 Alloy Round Tips and 4 Alloy Magnum Tips3R 5R 5M 7M on each 18 Disposable Tips 2 Set of Tools 50 Cushion Ring and Rubber Band 50 Artists Selected Disposable Needles3rl 5rlrsm1 7rlrsm1 9rlrsm1 1 Set of 10 Colors 13oz 10ml Base InksRed Brilliant Blue White Black GreenGoldenDark BrownLight PinkSky BlueRoyal Violet 100 Ink cups and a Cup Holder Printing Transfer Oil 4 packs of ointment 2 pairs of Rubber Glove 2 Practicing Leather Like Sheet with Tiger and Dragon Pattern A Tutoring CD A 8X11X3 Water Proof Polyester Carry Bag