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Product Details
It makes perfect scents a soothing roll-on mild enough for ultra-sensitive skin and effective at providing long-lasting protection from odor and wetness. So gentle, it can be used right after shaving. This quick-drying formula works all day without leaving a trace on skin or clothes. And that's not nonsense. Harsh ingredients in some antiperspirants and deodorants may cause rashes, abrasions, and underarm discoloration. Then irritation is exacerbated with underarm shaving. Total NonScents ultra gentle antiperspirant contains no irritating ingredients, helping you avoid these common problems. Aluminum Zirconium Tetra Chlorohydrex Glycine The new generation antiperspirant ingredient has revolutionized odor and wetness prevention. This pioneering ingredient provides supreme effectiveness, and is demonstrably less irritating to skin than other active antiperspirant ingredients. It's also far less likely to plug pores and/or flare acne or cause shaving bumps. Benefits:
  • Fragrance free protection against underarm wetness and odor.
  • Will not cause irritation or flare acne.
  • Won't leave white residue, even when wearing black clothing.
  • Water-based formulation won't burn or sting when applied after shaving.
  • Great for all skin types including the most sensitive.
Dermatologist Tested & Approved : Paraben Free : Non Irritating : Allergy Tested : Fragrance . . .