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Product Details
Contents: 10ml Boston Advance Cleaner; 30ml Boston Advance Comfort Formula; Conditioning Solution; Boston Lens Case. Daily Cleaner: Removes deposits; Visibly tinted for improved rinsing. Conditioning Solution: For maximum disinfection; Conditioning, cushioning and wetting for long term wearing comfort. For rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Sterile. Because your eyes are so important don't experiment with just any brand. Not all Gas Permeable Solutions are the same. Use only the band recommended by your doctor. Maximum performance and comfort. Boston Advance Cleaner: Heightens wearing comfort by removing lipids and proteins. Visibly tinted so you can see that the cleaner has been thoroughly rinsed off. Leaves your lenses clean, clear and ready for the disinfection step. Boston Advance Comfort Formula Conditioning Solution: Combines dual disinfection with a patented cushioning system to soothe your eyes and provide lens wearing comfort.
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