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Poise Ultra Thin with Wings pads provide secure, stay-in-place protection for light to moderate absorbency needs. Consists of 24 pads. Made in China

Sometimes Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) doesn't let you feel as fresh and clean as you'd like. Poise Ultra Thin Pads with Wings are specifically designed for light bladder leakage to provide outstanding protection. A core quickly locks away wetness and odor to help keep you fresh and dry all day long.

Worry-Free Protection

Poise pads offer outstanding protection against leaks and are designed to provide better absorbency than period-only pads. Poise pads have an absorbent core that quickly locks away wetness and odor. With these pads, you can stop worrying about bladder leakage and move on with your day.

Stays in Place

Poise pads winged sides that help maintain a secure fit with outstanding protection.

Individually Wrapped for Convenience and Discretion

Poise pads are individually wrapped so they're discreet and easy to toss in a purse or pocket.

Poise Ultra Thin Pads, 24 Count (Pack of 6) Product Shot
Poise Ultra Thin Pads, 24 Count (Pack of 6) Product Shot
About LBL

LBL (Light Bladder Leakage) affects about 40 million (or one in three) women in the U.S. It can be a short- or long-term experience brought on by menopause, pregnancy, or changes in diet. For some, it's a natural part of the aging process.

Poise Ultra Thin Pads, 24 Count (Pack of 6) Product Shot
There is more you can do more to manage your LBL:
Get to know your triggers.

Leaks can happen when you laugh, cough, sneeze, and exercise. They're the result of pressure on the bladder and are very common.

Watch how much-and what-you drink.

Drinking water and staying hydrated are important for overall health, but drinks with caffeine, alcohol, and natural fruit acids can make you have to go more often.

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Kegel exercises can help fight bladder weakness.

What's in the Box

Poise Ultra Thin Pads with Wings, 24 Count (Pack of 6).

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