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Product Details
The locking accelerator tightens dreads by opening the hair cuticles, increasing the friction between strands, and creating an environment that dreads thrive in. The accelerator greatly reduces the time it takes for dreads to reach maturity so you can spend less time maintaining your dreads and more time enjoying them. When to use the Locking AcceleratorThe locking accelerator is even more effective when used on recently washed, residue free hair because it allows the accelerator to act directly on the strands rather than trying to work through a thin layer of residue. This is why the locking accelerator and dread soap are such a powerful combination. You can apply the Locking Accelerator to your dreads anytime you want but there are a few key times when it does the most good: Just before putting in your dreads.It will make the dreading faster and more effective. Here is the best order: Wash your hair with the dread soap. Towel dry to soak up most of the water. Spray the Accelerator liberally on the hair. Section the hair. (it's usually easier to section damp hair) Dry the hair completely. Backcomb the hair. After you wash your dreads, before you dry and re-wax'em. Before you go out in the sun for long periods of time.The accelerator works even better when combined with exposure to the sun. Make lots of knots .The locking accelerator can be used by itself or with lock peppa when creating knots by palm rolling, clockwise rubbing or finger rubbing. First wash them, then towel dry and spray them with the accelerator. After blow drying them or allowing them to air dry your dreads will be ready to knot. For even easier knotting you can add a shake of lock peppa just before you start rubbing them. After you have worked on them they will feel very knotty and fuzzy. You can then add a small amount of wax and palmroll them really well to smooth out fuzzy's and help them lock.