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Product Details
5 feathers bonded together at the tip to make one feather extension -The feathers are real so the sizes and lengths are all different. No two feathers are the same - Feathers will not look identical to those shown in photo - that is just a sample piece. All feathers vary in shape, size and slight color variations and your order will be unique. The feathers are 4-12" -These are mixes of thin and thick feathers so they blend nicely in the hair. You can curl and straighten them on low heat -They are easy to apply to hair using a micro link hair crimp, threader and pliers (not included). -They will last 1-6 months. Once they grow out you can easily remove them and reapply back into your hair. Extensions are natural rooster feathers. -For each extension you Purchase you will recieve 2 micro beads.