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Product Details
Ions help to reduce frizziness and static electricity. Promoters shiny, conditioned healthy hair. Soft finger diffuser attachment for curly or textured hair. Quiet motor, 75% less noise with all the power. Ions surround the soft hair shaft, making it smoother, shinier, and more manageable. Concentrator attachment for pinpoint styling. Has a quiet fan design, 1875 watts, cool shot button, 2 heat / speed settings, LED ionic switch, and hang loop. Here's how quiet the dryer is: Conair Quiet tone is no louder than your office (much easier to carry on a conversation). Not only does the Conair 1875 watt styler let you dry in comfort with its new quiet fan design - its speed drying diffuser helps it work faster by drying the top and lower layers of hair at the same time, aerating the roots with turbo action. How ions work to keep hair shiny and healthy: Clouds of negatively charged ions neutralize positive charges that are in the air and reduce static electricity which causes fly - away frizzies and dulls hair.Dry your hair and improve its health at the same time with this ionizing hair dryer from Conair. Built with a motor that's no louder than a low office hum, this dryer has a sleek, comfortable design and convenient, versatile functions. The most striking feature is the optional ion disperser, which coats hair with a cloud of negative ions to reduce frizziness, static electricity, flyaways, and dullness. The dryer also features two heat/speed settings and a cool-shot button to freeze styles in place. Designed to dry hair faster and maximize volume, the diffuser attaches easily and has a wide, narrow mouth, so the flow of air distributes to upper and lower layers simultaneously. The unit's hinged filter removes for easy maintenance, and the automatic shutoff disables power if the dryer falls or gets wet. An out-of-the-way hanging hook simplifies storage and reduces wear and tear on the cord. --Emily Bedard