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Product Details
Recommended for those who prefer an interdental brush with a longer handle, TePe Proximal brushes facilitate cleaning between the posterior teeth and from the palatal and lingual sites. You can choose between two different angles for the best access.

Available in the same colour coded sizes and the Interdental brushes, the TePe Proximal brushes have a much longer detachable handle (available separately). The plastic coated metal wire means the Proximal brushes are safe for implants, bridges and crowns. The longer handle of the TePe Proximal brushes makes it much easier to use towards the back of the mouth.

These proximal interdental brushes form an essential part of any effective oral hygiene discipline. Regular use reduces the build up of plaque that can lead to gum disease, bad breath and tooth decay.

One of the leading oral hygiene brands, TePe Interdental Brushes are available in several sizes to fit narrow as well as wider interdental spaces. TePe's interdental brushes are the No 1 selling brand in most European countries.