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Product Details
No water or rinsing necessary. Single use. Just brush and go! Sugar free.For those times when you desperately want to freshen up and brush your teeth, the Colgate Wisp Peppermint is exactly what you've been looking for. The Wisp is a single-use disposable mini-toothbrush that has a built-in freshening bead and doesn't require rinsing afterward. It's discreet enough to keep in your pocket or purse—so you can use the Wisp for that freshly brushed feeling anytime, anywhere.

Brush your teeth anywhere with the Colgate Wisp.View larger.
Pocket-Sized Toothbrush Lets You Brush Anywhere!
Measuring just three-and-a-half inches long, the Colgate Wisp is easily portable, allowing you to freshen up your teeth anywhere you are. The Wisp's innovative packaging is very slim, and each brush is individually foil-sealed.

Fresh Breath with No Rinsing
The Colgate Wisp's innovative design features unique bristles that remove food and plaque from your teeth and along your gums, and it includes a soft pick on the opposite end. The Wisp has a unique freshening bead integrated into the toothbrush. As you brush, the bead releases a liquid burst of freshness that leaves your mouth with a peppermint scent. The specially formulated bead requires no water or rinsing, so the Wisp is truly a use-anywhere solution. Since it is not a foaming formula, it leaves no residue, and you can swallow the liquid for a fresh flavor and cooling sensation.

After using the Wisp, your teeth will feel clean and your breath will smell great. It's perfect for those late nights at the office, after a long flight, or right before a date.

In addition to Peppermint, the Wisp also comes in Spearmint and Cinnamint flavors.