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Product Details
Professional formula Alcohol-free With the oxygenating power of OXYD-8 Created by Dr Harold Katz Americas bad breath expert Stops bad breath and dry mouth Eliminates all types of bad breath 24 Hour confidence TheraBreath with OXYD-8 neutralizes bad breath odor at the source Restores confidence Eliminates morning breath and sour bitter tastes OXYD-8 Dr Katzs revolutionary discovery Dr Katz has dedicated years of research to finding the most effective way to treat problem bad breath His work has found that the most effective method is to treat the problem at its source the bacteria that live on the tongue and in the throat Dr Katz also discovered that the best way to eradicate the bad odors produced by this bacteria was not with alcohol and making flavors but with the power of oxygen OXYD-8 is an exclusive powerful oxygenating agent that is very effective and safe to use Our products are not tested on animals Safety sealed for your protection