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Product Details

SmartMouth Mouthwash On-The-Go Travel Packets
12 mL per Solution (Net Wt 4 fl oz (120 ml) Total)
Fresh Mint Flavor
Great for travel, at work, or anytime!

SmartMouth Mouthwash eliminates and prevents bad breath for 12 hours after every rinse. Rinse in the morning for fresh breath all day…rinse at night and wake up with fresh breath.
- Alcohol-free
- Safe for Diabetics
- Will Not Stain Teeth, Fillings or Dentures
- Powered by Zinc
- Dentist recommended
- Developed by Dr. Marvin Cohen, Chairman and author of the bad breath section of the 1998 Encyclopedia Britannica, Medical Edition
- Contains 2 ingredients, each in a separate bottle
- Must be mixed together just before rinsing to provide the maximum release of zinc ions
- 15 day supply (30 uses)

Visit us online at www.smartmouth.com or call 1-800-492-7040 to learn more about the causes of bad breath (halitosis) and how SmartMouth products can help.

Caution: Do not use this product if the tamper-evident seal is loose, missing, or broken. The bottles must remain upright or the pumps may leak, which may cause staining or bleaching of clothing. Although SmartMouth is completely safe, do not swallow. Store at room temperature.

Questions or Comments? Call 1-800-492-7040 or visit www.smartmouth.com

Made in USA