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Product Details
18 Sets of pre-cut shapers. Perfect brows without tweezing. No guesswork; No mess; No mistakes. Quick & easy! Just press on & peel off. Discover beautiful eyebrows without the pain and guesswork of tweezing. Hair Off Instant Eyebrow Shapers are fast, easy and mistake-proof. The Shapers are pre-cut and pre-shaped so that when placed under and/or over the eyebrow, they remove the hair to the precise contour of a perfectly shaped eyebrow. Each of the 18 sets of Shapers consist of 2 cold wax strips, one upper (for shaping and removing hair just above the brow) and one lower (for shaping and removing hair just below the brown). Simply place the strip in position, press on, then peel off. Shapers remove not only the longer, thicker hairs, but also the fine, tiny hairs so difficult to see and even more difficult to grip with tweezers. The results will be flawless! Store in a cool place.
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