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Not enough sleep? Too much time in front of the computer? Hard day at work? The Eye * C * U offers the best of three treatments in one handy kit. ~Spa-intensive care for stress, pollution, and environmental factors which take their toll on the eyes and the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. To revitalize tired eyes and to protect from the aging and damaging effects of free radicals and environmental exposure, try on the ~Rejuvenal-C Orange Eye Pads. To soothe, calm, and condition, try the~ Recover-E Cucumber Eye Pads. Tired eyes are pampered. Tired skin is nourished and nurtured. Puffiness and swelling are relieved. Dark circles are visibly diminished. After a relaxing ritual of using either the Rejuvenal-C or the Recover-E - try on the ~Herba-Gel Eye Compress to put the finishing touches on your eye care regimen. ~The Herba-Gel Compress can be used either warm or cool to further soothe and invigorate tired, strained eyes. For cooling relief, chill in the refrigerator or put in the freezer; for warming relief, heat in the microwave to desired warmth. Eyes will feel fresh and rested. Skin around the eyes will look and feel soft, smooth, and radiant. ~Full Package of each: the Cucumber Eye Pads 5 pairs [10 pads total] & Orange Eye Pads5 pairs [10 pads total]--~Packaged in an earth-friendly, reusable zippered bag.