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Product Details
Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle ConcentrateSmoothes wrinkles under eye. Instantly lifts the eyelids. When one step is no longer enough. Experience advanced action against the signs of aging. RevitaLift® Double Eye Lift is L’Oréal’s first double-action eye treatment that combines two exclusive, complementary formulas: fortified Pro-Retinol A® to minimize under-eye wrinkles and puffiness and Pro-Tensium E to instantly firm and lift the upper eye area. Results within one hour.


Step 1:
Apply small dots of the white under-eye cream below the eye and to crow’s-feet with ring finger and smooth gently until thoroughly absorbed.
Step 2:
Massage a small amount of the red upper eye, lifting gel evenly across the upper-eye area. Allow to dry for one minute for an intense lifting sensation.
Use in the AM or PM, alone or under makeup. RevitaLift® Double Eye Lift provides an excellent base for concealer or eye makeup.


Anti-Aging Tips
Anti-Aging Tips
Essential tips for younger looking skin.
Although there are many different treatments and procedures that can improve the look of your skin, it’s important to make the right lifestyle choices, too. Just a few simple skin-saving steps can help fight the signs of aging.
Cover Your Eyes
Before you head out the door, be sure to grab your sunglasses, a brimmed hat, or both! Excessive sun exposure not only leads to sun-damaged skin, but also harms the fragile skin around your eyes. You can help reduce the signs of aging and brighten your eyes with L’Oréal Paris Revitalift® Eye Cream and L’Oréal Paris Revitalift® Complete® Lotion SPF 15, which protects delicate skin from UVA and UVB rays.
Water Plus
It’s no secret that drinking plenty of water will help keep skin supple and hydrated. But for maximum benefits, you need to hydrate skin from the outside as well. Start each day by applying a moisturizer with SPF, like L’Oréal Paris Ideal Skin Genesis Daily Moisturizer SPF 15 Lotion.
Get Your Beauty Rest
It’s actually true— getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best ways to keep your skin looking its best. For a healthy and glowing complexion, get plenty of sleep, maintain a well-balanced diet, and exercise regularly. In addition, use a moisturizer formulated specifically for night-time use, like L’Oréal Paris Revitalift® Night Cream.
Sick of Cellulite?
You are not alone! Drinking plenty of water and exercising may help—but won’t necessarily banish cellulite. For a smoother, sleeker look, try anti-cellulite creams like L’Oréal Paris Sublime Slim, which target affected areas and can help reduce the bumpy “orange-peel” appearance of cellulite.
Up in Smoke
Did you know smoking can increase facial lines and wrinkles? It’s true! Smoking restricts blood vessels, depletes skin of oxygen and essential nutrients, and increases the production of an enzyme that breaks down collagen in the skin. So if you smoke, kick the habit now to reveal more healthy and vibrant-looking skin. Also use L’Oréal Paris Revitalift® Double Lifting to fight wrinkles.

Reveal Your Ideal Skin
Can over-the-counter products give me the same results?
Getting the facts about good skin care now can help you avoid cosmetic surgery later. To help you determine which is best for you, here are a few myths and the facts belying them.
Myth: A face-lift will dramatically improve your looks and your life.
Reality: A face-lift is radical surgery and should be used only as a last resort. First, try treating your skin to skin products with anti-aging and firming technology. RevitaLift® Deep-Set Wrinkle Day, Night and Eye products are formulated with Pro-Retinol A® that helps reduce the size and depth of wrinkles while regenerating the fibrous network of the skin. Age Perfect® line is ideal for mature skin that’s lost firmness. The Dermo-Peptides in its formula tighten skin’s network to increase firmness and resiliency. Or try Age Perfect® Hydra Nutrition Moisturizer that’s formulated with a Nutrient Complex enriched with calcium that builds resilience and fights the signs of aging.
Myth: Skin ages; there’s not much that can be done about it short of surgery.
Reality: The fact is that with a daily skin care regimen, you can revitalize your skin for a more youthful effect without surgery. Start good skin care habits early in your 20s and 30s with a daily regimen like Ideal Skin Genesis. Ideal Skin Genesis Day, Night and Eye products work to recreate skin’s ideal quality by smoothing skin’s texture and equalizing skin’s tone. The result is a brighter, younger-looking complexion. For additional brightening effect try Ideal Skin Genesis Complexion Equalizer, which fades uneven tone and dullness revealing a more radiant complexion.
Myth: Wrinkles don’t go away without cosmetic surgery.
Reality: Wrinkles can dramatically diminish without opting for surgical procedures. One of the primary reasons wrinkles form is because the amount of collagen in your skin breaks down with age. If you increase the supply of collagen you can keep up your skin’s resilience. The Collagen Filler line is formulated with Collagen Biospheres that penetrate upper layers of the skin, combine with natural moisture in cells and expand up to 9 times their volume to visibly plump and fill facial lines and wrinkles. Supplementing your skin care regimen with collagen-based treatments will help your skin stay smooth and youthful.
Reveal Your Ideal Skin

Beautiful at Any Age
Beautiful at Any Age
20s 30s 40s 50s 60s
20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s
What works for your skin at 20 just won’t do at 40 or by the time you hit 60. Almost every woman needs a richer, more hydrating regimen to combat the dryness that goes hand in hand with aging. There’s a lot you can do to slow the inevitable and minimize the effects of aging.
In your 20s, skin begins finding its balance, which means even though you are no longer a teenager, you still may experience breakouts. To take care of your skin, you want to use a good cleanser that gets dirt, oil, and makeup out from every pore. Go 360° Clean Cleansers with the Scrublet™ do just that with the help of the flexible cleansing disk that reaches deep down for a more thorough clean. Also opt for a lightweight moisturizer that hydrates your skin without clogging the pores, like Active Daily Moisture Lotion. With pro-vitamin B5 and conditioning agents for all skin types, this formula protects skin from premature aging caused by UVA/UVB rays with built-in SPF 15 sunscreen.
In your 30s, the signs of stress, fatigue and aging begin to set in. You may notice more fine lines as your skin’s ability to develop collagen and elastin begins to slow down. To create skin that is visibly smoother and youthfully luminous, you need a regimen that is designed to help improve skin quality while revealing the new youth of your skin. Youth Code™ products can increase the skin’s power of regeneration so it regains the quality of young skin. The result is a smooth, deeply hydrated, younger acting skin. You may also begin to notice fine lines, dark circles and puffy, tired skin around the eyes. Youth Code™ Eye Cream helps the eye area look rested and more luminous. A cooling massage tip provides de-puffing action for under eye bags.
In your 40s, deeper lines begin to appear around the mouth and eyes. These wrinkles are caused by a breakdown in collagen and elastin production. Skin begins to lose its elasticity, causing wrinkles to set in and become more apparent; it also becomes noticeably drier. Here the priority is on retaining moisture to keep skin soft and supple, while at the same time combating wrinkles by making skin firmer. To find the right balance, you want to look for a daily product that provides continuous moisture along with ingredients that firm your skin. RevitaLift® Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair products combine Pro-Retinol A® to deliver continuous moisture with the added benefit of Fiber Restoring Complex that stimulates and regenerates the fibrous network of the skin. Clinically proven, the appearance of deep-set wrinkles is visibly reduced.
In your 50s, skin becomes thinner and more fragile. There is increased dryness and age spots become more visible. To address these issues, you want to opt for a rich moisturizer that rebuilds the skin’s network, deeply moisturizes and provides adequate sun protection. Age Perfect® Day Cream delivers on all fronts. It’s formulated with Soy Seed Proteins that stimulate the synthesis of natural fibers found in younger skin to help menopausal and post-menopausal skin rebuild its own substance. In addition, the formula contains a Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) complex to help reduce the appearance of age spots, and a Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays.
In your 60s and beyond, skin may be drier, thinner, and more fragile. As collagen levels significantly decline skin becomes visibly less smooth. To restore texture, you need a regimen that’s specifically formulated for mature skin needs. The goal is to restore skin’s density and firmness using a deep moisturizer that visibly improves the skin’s appearance and helps revive sagging. Age Perfect® Hydra Nutrition Moisturizer is formulated with a Nutrient Complex enriched with calcium that builds resilience and fights the signs of aging. Its soft, silky texture wraps your skin in pure luxury.
If you are looking for an immediate solution to stubborn lines and wrinkles, focus on replenishing your skin’s collagen supply. Collagen is responsible for keeping skin supple, healthy and resilient. The production of this essential protein drastically breaks down with age causing wrinkles to form. The The RevitaLift® Deep Set Wrinkle Repair Collagen treatments are formulated with Collagen Biospheres that penetrate upper layers of the skin, combine with natural moisture in cells and expand up to 9 times their volume to visibly plump and fill facial lines and wrinkles. Supplementing your skin care regimen with collagen-based treatments will help your skin stay smooth and youthful.
* Based on in-vitro testing

Innovations & Ingredients

Science Behind the Beauty
Firmer lids, fewer wrinkles, less puffiness. In just two weeks.
Fortified Pro-Retinol A® is a powerful anti-wrinkle ingredient that helps reduce wrinkles and immediately diminishes dark circles and puffiness. Pro-Tensium E immediately lifts and tightens the skin above the eye for a more youthful look.