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Product Details
3 x 7 inches in diameter TheraPearl was formed by a leading doctor and entrepreneur as a practical alternative for healing The revolutionary ice packs are a great option instead of using leaky ice packs messy frozen peas or dripping hot gauze pads and towels The packs conform to the skin providing consistent therapy for the affected areas The TheraPearl line is reusable and doctor-recommended In addition the packs disseminate their healing cold or warm properties in 20 minutes the recommended time for heat or ice When the pack approaches room temperature it is time to take a brief break before applying another compress These packs are kid-friendly non-toxic washable reusable and wont leak or drip during use They are perfect for Sprains muscle aches Post-surgical relief Workout soreness Swelling puffiness bruising Arthritis relief Cosmetic surgery Facials spa treatments Post-waxing Migraines headaches Toothaches