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Product Details
Model #1 is the "Emerae" This model is of lightweight aluminum construction. The mirror consists of thirty individual components which allows the mirror to pivot, rotate, tilt and set the distance away from you. This mirror is lighter than the Bella Specchio model, and designed for anyone. It is especially nice for the elderly, disabled, or bed ridden individuals. The mirror is 6 inches in diameter and weighs 8 ounces. This model works especially well for facial grooming and make-up applications where minimal hand/arm movement is required. There is a standard mirror on one side and a 3X magnification on the other by simply rotating the mirror. The neck piece has a surgical cushion for comfort. If desired, it may also be used as a free standing mirror for desk or table. The mirror allows you freedom to use it anywhere. Each mirror is assembled by hand using the finest materials available. Made in USA Lifetime warranty www.handsfree-mirror.com NOTE: Internet sales are shipped in our custom standard shipping box. Decorative/color retail box is available on request without additional charge. PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE @ www.handsfree-mirror.com or our Amazon Store Front Hands Free- Mirror for the Professional Bella-Specchio Model.