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Want to know where your food comes from? There aren't many companies, if any, that can identify where and when your food was grown and harvested. Palouse Brand IP's (Identity Preserves) your food. We can tell you what field your food was grown in and what date we harvested your food. Why can we tell you where your food was grown? We are the originators, processors and packagers of our products. We are family run businesses. So while we have Steve and Kevin working in the fields to grow our natural food Dave is working at our processing plant cleaning and packaging while Sara, Kevin's wife, is hard at work in the office managing our consumer product sales. How did this start? 5 Generations ago the Mader Family started farming. Our farm operations span across the south east part of Washington State and are headquartered in Pullman, WA. In 2001 we acted on an opportunity to add a processing facility to our operation. Our Processing Plant, Wallace Grain and Pea is located in Palouse, WA - just a short drive from Pullman. Wallace Grain and Pea first opened its doors in the 1930's. The plant was designed for quality not quantity and has processed grains for the international market and domestic consumption. We take a raw food product and process it into food grade edible product. Our food is appealing to our consumers because of the nutritional and aesthetic values.