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Product Details
Arborio rice is the most well known risotto rice in Italy It is a large bold rice with a characteristic white dot at the center of the grain By the way of lengthwidth ratio and starch characteristics it is classified as a medium grain rice and is totally gluten free since there are no additives Typically used in risotto Arborio rice develops a creamy and velvety texture around a chewy center and has exceptional ability to absorb flavors To get the perfect velvety consistency with the rice while still retraining some bite al dente you need nothing more than the best rice milled in the very best way Riso Bello arborio is a premium risotto rice grown and processed by Riso Bello in Robbio Italy A family owned company established in 1856 Riso has a 24 share of the Italian market The company specializes in the production of black rice ready risottos and the best possible Italian risotto rice varieties of arborio carnaroli and vialone nano Riso Bello products are based on high quality standards and constant innovation The company is ISO 9001 and HACCP certified