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Product Details
Many creative people find inspiration through their dreams. For dreams to become reality however, a healthy amount of experience and energy must be part of the mix. Teeccino® Herbal Coffee grew out of Caroline MacDougall’s career designing herbal teas for top tea companies and was fueled by her passion for helping to create sustainable sources of income in the rainforest for impoverished rural communities. One night while working on a new line of rainforest teas for The Republic of Tea, Caroline awoke to hear herself saying, “The next product I’m going to create is a caffeine-free cappuccino and the name of the product is Teeccino.”Being caffeine sensitive, Caroline began designing herbal teas in the 1970’s after traveling extensively for Celestial Seasonings buying herbs around the world. But nowhere in the caffeine-free world was there a match for the deep roasted, robust flavors of coffee. Caroline set about roasting and grinding herbs, grains, fruits and nuts right in her own kitchen to create a delicious, healthy beverage that would brew and taste like coffee. Her mission was to allow coffee lovers to enjoy a cup of Teeccino anytime they don’t want caffeine and acidity from coffee.Today, Teeccino is the best selling brand of coffee alternatives in the US. With 10 popular coffee flavors, Teeccino is nationally distributed and sold on the internet. It is also sold in Canada, Australia and Britain. Teeccino’s mission is to inspire and educate our customers to achieve optimal health by adopting healthy lifestyle habits. As a company we strive to follow socially responsible business practices adhering to the triple bottom line philosophy: people, planet, profits. We practice fair trade principles with all our suppliers whether they reside in Europe and the USA or in the developing countries such as India and Guatemala where Teeccino creates new trade to bring more economic opportunity to disadvantaged people living in rural villages with limited sources of income.