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Product Details
Maxwell House Café Collection House Blend Coffee, T-Discs for Tassimo Coffeemakers. A rich, balanced and flavorful coffee. Whatever your pleasure, the Tassimo Single Cup Home Brewing System serves it fast, steaming hot and perfectly brewed every time. With 8 varieties of your favorite rich, smooth Maxwell House blends available at the touch of a button, Tassimo T Discs make every day more flavorful.

Maxwell House café collection house blend coffee for Tassimo coffeemaker Maxwell House café collection house blend coffee for Tassimo coffeemaker is a rich, balanced blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans. The house blend is a delicious, medium-bodied coffee with distinctive accents, and a smooth finish that is perfect for every morning. The custom roasted beans provide a rich aroma--a flavor packed taste that is always “good to the last drop”. It has been specially packaged into T- Discs to use with the Tassimo coffeemaker. This is sold in a pack of five 16-count T-Disc boxes.

About Tassimo T-Discs
Tassimo is a completely new way to prepare a variety of delicious hot drinks perfectly, in the comfort of your own home--it is so simple. Each ingenious Tassimo T-Disc is designed to work exclusively with this system. T-Discs contain a precisely measured amount of coffee, tea, chocolate or concentrated milk creamer. The brewing happens inside the T-Disc and the beverage pours directly from the T-Disc into the cup, so you can prepare different drinks one after another. Enjoy many of your Maxwell House blends faster and easier with the Tassimo brewing system.

Maxwell HouseAbout Maxwell House
Maxwell House is a brand of coffee manufactured by a division of Kraft Foods. Introduced in 1892, it is named in honor of the Maxwell House hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. For many years until the late 1980s it was the largest-selling coffee in the U.S. It is best known for its longtime slogan, “Good to the last drop”.

For over 100 years, Maxwell house has carefully blended and roasted coffee to the highest standards according to tradition. This unique attention to detail ensures every cupful is thoroughly enjoyable. Their globally recognized signature blend is made from high-quality beans and expertly roasted for a consistently rich, full-bodied flavor preferred by traditional coffee drinkers.