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Product Details
Hafner waffle bowl, small is a 112 count box pack. Perfect for beautiful and delicious treats. Over three generations since 1929, from father to son, Hafner carries on the art of the "ready to garnish" pastry products. In 1990 Pierre Andre Hafner, owner, opened an office Atlanta, GA and since then the us market has been serviced for almost 20 years through a network of distributors. By the middle of 1996 the biscuits Hafner plant doubled the size of its manufacturing facility by adding an industrial size productions line of sponge cake products. In turn, the Atlanta distribution center also expanded by adding the Scottish short crust line and a list of Kosher products. Hafner product lines have made a name for themselves in the US for their top notch quality, elegance, ease of use (all items are baked and ready to garnish), one year shelf life, dry storage, resistance to humidity, and the convenient food service packaging. The competence and the knowhow of the craft combined with state of the art facility create an exquisite harmony. The utmost care given to the selection of the raw materials up to the finishing details allows Hafner to present the most sublime French pastry tradition.