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Product Details
This fresh gluten free oat bran cereal is the best tasting, most nutritious gluten free oat bran money can buy. PrOatina oat bran is dry milled, no heat is applied to dry or stabilize the oat bran. As a result, the natural enzymes are not inactivated. Oat bran lovers never let a package of PrOatina Oat Bran last long enough to lose its flavor. Keep it fresh.

Package Storage: Reseal the bag and store is a cool dry area out of direct sunlight. Refrigeration will extend shelf life.

Farm to Fork: Montana Gluten Free products are manufactured in a dedicated state of the art gluten free facility that only processes and packages our own gluten free products. The story however doesn't begin there, to be truly gluten free you must start in the field. Montana Gluten Free Processors works directly with traditional farmers to grow our private seed stock on ground with at least 4 years history of no gluten grains being produced on the field.  Only production from our proven healthy seed stock is acceptable for Montana Gluten Free production. Crops are planted, fields are inspected, and harvest, storage and transportation equipment is dedicated and inspected to insure purity and quality. We watch over our product from the field to the package to be certain that the product in our package is the best all natural gluten free product food you can buy.