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Coconut Palm Sugar is a welcome choice for anyone seeking an alternative to refined sugar Compared to cane sugar its high in potassium magnesium zinc and iron and is a natural source of vitamins B1 B2 B3 B6 and vitamin C It also has a glycemic rating of 35 which means it is slowly absorbed in the blood stream Palm Sugar is ideal for dieting or people with diabetes as its energy is slowly released Palm Sugar is an organic granular sugar made from the sap and nectar of coconut palm trees Palm sugar has a flavor not like coconuts its a creamy caramel-like flavor which makes it an ideal substitute for recipes that call for brown sugar molasses or honey Palm Sugar is easy to use dissolving easily in liquids or moist dough Use it like you would sugar You can store it for up to one year when kept in a cool dry place The Food and Agriculture Organization state that palm sweeteners are the single most sustainable sweeteners in the world Palm trees grow well in dry environments and use one fifth of the nutrients and water cane sugar requires