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Product Details
Turbinados golden crunchy crystals produced from 100 organically grown sugar cane are perfect for gourmet coffee tea beverages and as a crunchy topping Made by crushing the freshly-cut cane to squeeze out excess juice Turbinado is rich in molasses vitamins and minerals Cane juice is simply thickened through the evaporation of excess moisture to form a heavy syrup The syrup is crystallized in a centrifuge or turbine to produce the large sparkling golden crystals--hence the name Turbinado It is the ultimate topping for cakes cookies muffins crumbles and pies and a wonderful start to the day sprinkled on cereal or fruit Use as a 1-for-1 replacement for refined white sugar Organic and kosher certified Suitable for vegan vegetarian halal and plant-based diets Turbinado is not colored or blended and no animal byproducts are used in its production