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Product Details
Sevre Et Belle was founded back in 1893 as a small cooperative in the village of Celles-sur-Belle in the West of France. Throughout the generations, the company has changed and adapted, creating products of consistently exquisite taste with an unfaltering dedication to quality. Created and run by local people, it has remained faithful to tradition while constantly adapting to advances in technology.

More than a thousand years have passed since goats were first introduced to France during the Arab invasions. Neglected by French farmers at first, goat rearing gradually became more widespread over time. Today, Sevre Et Belle makes Goat Butter in the traditional way, using barrel-shaped churns and cream maturing it for 36 hours to develop the world-famous distinctively nutty taste - a real "rural flavor," typical of the region. Their methods produce a pure butter with an incomparable texture. Their use of rustic packaging, including a hand-wrapped roll of butter carefully placed in a wooden basket, further indicates the premium nature of this product.