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Product Details
The Pomegranate Acai Bar puts all the pieces of vibrant health in place as luscious antioxidant-rich acai, pomegranate acai, and camu camu meet protein dense brazil nuts, and deeply healing cacao. The Pomegranate Açai Bar offers one of the most delectable, satisfying ways to access the many benefits of healing antioxidants. Damage from free-radicals is one of the primary forces behind premature aging of the skin and other bodily organs. The Pomegranate Açai Bar combines the profound antioxidant protection of Açai and pomegranate with the Vitamin C of Camu Camu berry and the recognized therapeutic qualities of raw, dark chocolate. These foods have been revered for generations for their healing properties. Organic, raw dark chocolate (cacao) is high in Phenethylamine (PEA), which helps to increase our focus and heighten our ability to stay alert, and high levels of serotonin, which offers superior defenses against stress. Every fruit used in the Pomegranate Açai Bar is richly colored, a characteristic shared by antioxidant-rich foods which is discussed at greater length in The Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe. Take the steps to reverse the effects of aging and free radical damage with the Pomegranate Açai Bar. We have worked to select the most potent combinations of superfoods to complement the highest quality raw chocolate in every bar. The luscious flavors of antioxidant-rich fruits meet the deep, concentrated healing energies of raw organic cacao in the Pomegranate Açai Bar. Helping to address the effects of aging and free radical damage one delicious bit at a time. Enjoy with a sincere appreciation for universal wisdom, and be nourished on every level. *Special* Help us support the demand for this amazing super fruit and therefore protect the rain forest from extinction and support the farmers who bring this amazing super fruit to us! Receive a FREE acai bead bracelet when you purchase 4 or more Pomegrante Acai bars!