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Live 3-4 year old Japanese Juniper Bonsai Tree planted in a 5-inch ceramic container Perfect bonsai tree gift for the bonsai beginner The Japanese Juniper Juniperus procumbens Nana is the most popular tree for Bonsai because of its compact foliage and ability to train branches into popular shapes Requiring good indirect sunlight and moist watering conditions the Japanese Juniper Bonsai is best suited for patios or outdoor areas The Japanese Juniper is cold-hardy and can withstand temperatures below freezing Each bonsai tree is potted in a ceramic container and beautifully decorated with moss landscaping pebbles and rocks Our special bonsai potting soil is a custom mix to ensure your tree will live for years to come We ship our bonsai trees with care instructions and package so the tree will arrive healthy and in excellent condition You will find our bonsai to be of the highest quality All trees are grown at our nursery in Florida and we will sell only items that will live long after they are purchased