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Product Details
This is a small, but blooming size Brassavola nodosa orchid that will produce green flowers with heart-shaped, white lips. The flowers are incredibly fragrant. But the fragrance is produced only at night - hence the nickname, 'Lady of the Night.' We think the fragrance is akin to Chanel No. 5 -- and a large plant in full bloom can fill a room with the scent, starting in early evening. These plants are mounted on cedar slabs, and the slabs are about 8 inches high. A large plant can have dozens of flowers all over it. These can get huge -- almost too big to lift. They are native to Mexico on down to Colombia and Venezuela. These orchids are in the Cattleya family. They like morning sun and then bright shade. Because they are mounted they will dry out quickly, so water daily, or at least every other day. Fertilize with a liquid fertilizer several times a month. The first picture shows one of our stud plants in bloom. The second shot shows the orchid on the cedar slab, the kind you are purchasing. These are blooming size, which means that we think they are likely to produce first flowers within 12 months or so. We'll pick out a nice one for you. We always ship the largest. You can buy with confidence. Orchids from The Orchid Gallery are guaranteed. Period.