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3x Better than fresh fruit! Ounce for ounce, bite for bite, better than fresh fruit! The Smart Snack: A perfect package of natural nutrients for: school lunch, gym bag, day hike, purse pick-me-up. Anytime you want a fat-free, healthy energy snack. Grower certified: We reserve the highest quality Dried Plums in the world for Sunsweet gold Label packages. 1. Way, way, way more nutritious! Using the nutrition density index (NDX) you can compare apples to oranges, and dried plums to all other fruits. When you do, you'll find that compared to fresh fruit, dried plums rule! Ounce for ounce, bite for bite comparison: Antioxidants (Vitamins A & E [Helps slow aging process, helps protect cells from cancer-causing free radicals]) - dried plums = 16x bananas; Potassium (Helps maintain healthy blood pressure, facilitate muscle energy) - dried plums = 4x oranges; Dietary fiber (Necessary for digestive health; helps fight heart disease, diabetes and cancer) - dried plums = 5x apples. 2. Always in season and fantastic tasting: Sunsweet harvests fresh plums at peak ripeness then dries the fruit with care to preserve the ideal balance of juice, fresh flavor, and nutritional density. 3. Non-perishable, always ready to eat: Tuck some in your purse, briefcase, lunch box, or even your pocket (try that with fresh fruit); Sunsweet Dried Plums won't ever bruise! Dried plums are the ultimate fruit for today's on the go lifestyles. Diabetic exchange: 1 1/2 fruit. Dried fruits have fiber along with carbohydrate and can be a good choice in your diabetic meal plan.
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