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Product Details
Our Simplee Cleen high quality Household Microfiber Mop Kit includes 1 Microfiber Household Mop Frame and Handle, 1 Real Clean Microfiber Dust Pad and 1 Real Clean Microfiber Damp Pad. Green Cleaning at its best! Our mop pads are high quality MADE IN KOREA. If the pads say CHINA it's a fake! This Mop is perfect for home and office use. It is the top of the line Microfiber Mop Kit that you can buy. It's constructed to use its own Dust Pads or wet Pads. It compares to the Bona Kemi, Swift Microfiber Mop and Don Aslett Mop systems. Ultra lightweight aluminum and ABS Plastic with a telescopic handle up to 59" long. The Pads attach easily with Velcro strips on the bottom of the mop head. Our mop head easily turns corners with it's swivel head action making it easy to get into the hard to reach areas of your floors and behind furniture. Try using it to dust walls as well as floors. Microfiber mops are created using densely constructed Microfiber, an ultra-fine, synthetic fiber that is 1/16 the thickness of human hair. The fibers, made of polyester and nylon polyamide, are split to create microscopic hooks that act like claws to get and hold dust and dirt. Microfiber is so absorbent that it can hold six times its weight in water. The mop head measures 17" x 4" when equipped with pad, enabling it to cover large areas in a short amount of time. The flat, rectangular pad attaches to the mop head with Velcro, making it easy to detach the pad to throw it in the laundry or switch between dry pads and wet pads. This is a TRUE Simplee Cleen and the pads must say MADE IN KOREA or it's a FAKE! Our pads last!! The telescopic mop handle is made of sturdy, lightweight aluminum. The weight of the entire mop is less than one pound. Microfiber mops are so effective that they can easily clean using only water, making dangerous chemicals unnecessary. If you do have a favorite cleaner you wish to use for antibacterial purposes, it will simply make the mops even more efficient.