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Product Details
Sometimes the biggest breakthroughs are deceptively simple Thats definitely the case with the new Smart Details product line from Bissell As the name implies the difference is in the details Smart Details brings the Bissell approach to everyday cleaning tools That means simple quick and highly effective It also means tools that are fun to use and features that will satisfy even the most demanding consumers The Smart Details line ranges from premium mops and brooms to dusters and small brushes And the wow features include adjustable and collapsible handles soft touch grips protective bumpers and jointed handles that angle right under furniture To close the deal theyre all designed for compact storage Pivoting head Locks at multiple angles to clean high ledges and ceiling fans Washable microfiber Attracts dust dirt and hair without chemicals Extends your reach to 14 feet For difficult to reach cleaning like ceiling fans Handheld duster Separates from the long reach handle for regular dusting Adjustable Handle Customizable to fit you and your storage space perfectly Soft Non-Slip Grip For comfort that easily leans against walls without falling Circular End For easy closet or storage room hanging Soft Bumpers To protect the walls and furniture in the room youre cleaning