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Product Details
Launched in 2002, BabyGanics is the brainchild of two young dads, compulsive clean freaks actually, who were shocked at the level of toxicity in “traditional” household cleaning products and were equally unimpressed with so-called “green” cleaners.Their mission: Establish the standard and authority for safe, effective, and natural household cleaning solutions for homes with pregnant women, infants and the growing families.Today, BabyGanics offers a full assortment of products that are people and pet friendly. Hey, they may even impress a picky mother-in-law or two! Scrub-a-Tub Tub & Tile Cleaner works hard where your family frolics in their birthday suits! Scum and mildew? Ew! Chemical residue from cleaning products? Double eww! Scrub-a-Tub will leave your bathroom surfaces (even portable ones!) sparkling clean and as harmless as a rubber ducky. Presented in a 32oz Trigger Spray Bottle, Child & Spill Safe Closure, Fragrance Free