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Product Details
Total Drain Care is designed and manufactured in the USA. It is a proprietary blend of naturally occurring microbes, enzymes, and botanicals that consume waste. The all-natural microbes and enzymes consume clogs in drains and pipes, converting them into carbon dioxide and water. Total Drain Care eliminates clogs and keeps pipes flowing, and clog-free. Waste and FOG (fats, oils greases) adhere to pipes causing slow, sluggish drains. Slow, sluggish drains also create putrid odors and attract insects. Total Drain Care creates a foam, that acts as a delivery system that embeds the microbes and enzymes into the waste clinging to the side of the pipes. Total Drain Care eliminates slow drains by consuming the waste that accumulates in drains and pipes. It does not contain any acids, caustics, detergents, surfactants, or emulsifiers. Acid and caustic-based products only liquefy the FOG and waste, which creates additional clogs and blockages. Because of gravity, most drain cleaners cannot remove all of the waste in drains and pipes - Total Drain Care can. Total Drain Care engulfs the entire system and rids the drains and pipes of clogs and slow drains. Total Drain Care has the added advantage of improving anaerobic decomposition in septic tanks.
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