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Product Details
GU10 120v 35w MR-16 MR16 Long Life Lamp Premium quality by Divine Lighting This is 35 watts, 30 degrees. We also sell 50-watt and 75-watt versions. Integral cover glass, slightly rounded. Manufacturer : Divine Lighting, USA Trade Name : JDR-C GU10 120v 35w FMW MFR ID : GU10-120v-35w Average Life: 2000 Hours Color Temperature: 2800 Kelvin Beam Angle: 30 Degrees Lumens: 370 Lumens Cross Reference: JDR 16+C GU 10 120V 35W 35MR16/GU10/WFL35 FMW Twist-Lock GU10 JDR-C-GU10-35W-120V 11193 Biclite 107546 Halco, Prism 620135 Bulbrite 620137 Bulbrite Bulbrite FMW/GU10 Q-35w-MR16-120v-gu10 Q35MR16, Q35WMR16 S3516, S3501 SATCO Ushio 1001010 35W MR16 GU10 MFL C JDR9817ALUFP JDR 9817ALUFP Hikari JDR9817ALUF/P Hiakri JDR9817F Luminous Flux (Brightness): Bulb Type: MR-16 Operating Orientation: Universal Base Type: GU10 Twist-Lock Watts: 35 Watts Rated Voltage: 120 Volts Amps: 0.29 Amps Max Overall Length (MOL): 53 mm Light Center Length (LCL): N/A Diameter: 50 mm Arc Length: N/A Hot Restart: N/A Luminous Effeciency: Color Rendering Index: 99 Cooling: Forced Type of Current: AC Divine Lighting guarantees this product will meet or exceed factory specifications for all lighting units.