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Product Details
G7 Power introduces the only 900 lumen LED bulb with a lifetime guarantee. At 100 lumens per watt, it is one of the most efficient LED bulbs on the market. At 900 lumens, it will replace up to a 65 Watt incandescent bulb in nearly all fixtures, and a 75 Watt bulb in down-light fixtures. (A 60 Watt incandescent bulb puts out approximately 840 lumens.)

This bulb will pay for itself in energy savings after only one year when compared to a 65 Watt incandescent used eight hours a day at the rate of $0.12 per kilowatt hour. High quality Samsung LEDs provide a color temperature that is slightly warmer than pure white light. This versatile bulb has a standard E26 base and A21 size. It will replace A19 bulbs in nearly all fixtures and R20/R25/PAR20 reflector floods in most recessed and track lighting applications.

Most common uses: recessed can lighting; kitchen, bathroom, and closet fixtures; down-light fixtures; desk lamps; showrooms; and high use areas.

The G7 LED bulb is constructed with a shatter resistant hard plastic lens and an aluminum base which virtually eliminates accidental breakage. G7 Power guarantees this bulb will not burn out under normal operating conditions. If it does, we will replace it. This bulb is for use with standard household switches; may not be compatible with some remote controlled switches, dimmers, and back-lit switches.

G7 Power is located in Reno, Nevada and is dedicated to providing free market solutions without the help of your federal tax dollars.