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Product Details
Neutral white, High intensity 12V, 2W, Omni, 360 degree illumination BAY15D 1157 base with dual circuits for Turn Signal, Indicator Light, Corner Light, Side Marker 35 x Longer life time compared with traditional Incandescent bulbs, plus less heat output and extremely low power consumption Direct replacement for BAY15D base, dual Filament, 1157 series, 1016, 1034, 1154, 7537, 1054 (For Reference Only) No UV or IR radiation, low heat Base: BA15S, diameter 0.59” Size: 2.00” total length, Max Diameter 0.72” Luminous flux: 250-306lm, Color temperature: 4500K-5000K Input: 12V, Built-in Circuit for 12V DC Voltage Input Power: 2W Non-dimmable Light source: 18 x 5050 SMD White LED Life: 50,000 hours 1 year warranty Sold as a Single Bulb / Lamp