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This is the perfect treat for the rib lover!! Quick on the BBQ or under the broiler, these thin, mostly meat ribs (not all bone) are great for just you or to share. Cook them at home or bring them cooked to your favorite party. These Maui ribs were chosen as one of the holiday food gifts by the December issue of Food & Wine Magazine. Rick, the Master Butcher who brought us the New York Times' favorite naturally-raised smoked turkeys and hams, brought the recipe for these delicious ribs back from Hawaii -- and they have been a major part of our summer grilling ever since. These delicious morsels of naturally raised, grain-finished beef are marinated in Rick's special marinade, and they have just the right balance of sweet to salty and fat to lean. They are increadably yummy, so it's easy to understand why he keeps the recipe a secret! They are positively addictive; like potato chips, it's impossible to eat just one (or two, for that matter). Ribs are shipped frozen and may be somewhat frozen upon arrival. Grilling them caramelizes the marinade-coated exterior and makes them more pleasing than any lean steak - of course you can cook them in the oven, but Rick recommends baking instead of broiling. 2-4 minites per side. One 5 lb packages with 5 to 6 ribs per pound. Rick's secret recipe was passed on to him by the originator of the Maui Rib, and the rich flavorful Maui Rib marinade takes this succulent cut of meat to a new level. They have a higher meat to bone ratio than typical BBQ ribs and that means a lot more good eating and less mess. * The price includes expedited (2-day) shipping. If you want your order to be shipped faster than that, please let us know. There is an extra charge for overnight shipping. * We typically ship Maui Ribs on Tuesdays or Wednesdays for arrival on Thursday or Friday. * Because these ribs are fresh and made-to-order for you, it takes about six days to make them. * Shipped frozen