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Product Details
This handy black nylon 6-pack cooler comes filled with five 8oz packs of our Buffalo Bills Country Cut Beef Jerky. Each cooler has one 8oz pack of each of our 5 flavors - Barbecue, Honey Pepper, Mild, Spicy, and Teriyaki. Our Country Cut Beef Jerky is one of our hottest selling products. Customers nationwide find it simply addictive. This whole muscle beef jerky is thick cut, moist, and tenderlicious and made in the USA with US-raised beef! The cooler itself measures 8"w x 6"d x 6"h and is insulated to retain cold. In addition, it has a zipper closure and 15" strap handle for easy carrying. Need a gift? Each one of our exclusive Buffalo Bills Coolers, Jugs & Tool Boxes makes a great gift for the meat snack lover in your life! Rather than using those frilly baskets that just waste closet space, we use down-to-earth, functional coolers and tool boxes that can be used daily for years to come. Of course, the best feature of our Buffalo Bills Coolers, Jugs & Tool Boxes is that each one is filled with our premium snacks! At no additional charge, we can include your personalized gift message which will appear on your gift recipient's packing slip - just click "Gift Options" when checking out.