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Dry Cured Country Bacon by Johnston County This wonderful dry cured bacon evokes memories of the early American explorers and the Pioneers who relied on this type of product to survive at day's end. It was a very convenient food source or a seasoning for other foods that, like it, did not require refrigeration. Obviously, this is not the usual mass produced wet bacon found in most modern supermarkets. This is old fashioned artisinal salt and hickory smoke dry cured bacon; a product created by an old fashioned Cure-Master, Rufus Brown, using age old secret methods dating back over centuries. This is what bacon tasted like, 300 years ago. The sweet, salty, and smoky favor of this dry cured Country Bacon is unmatched by the more modern processed bacon. Country Bacon cooks quicker and does not shrink anywhere near as much as regular bacon while cooking. This wonderful nostalgic bacon is a great secret ingredient to cook with, bake cornbread or biscuits with, and take along on camping trips. The aroma of this Country Bacon just frying in a skillet with a couple of eggs is incredible. We sell this Country Dry Cured Bacon in convenient pre-sliced packages, or in a handy 2 Lb. slab. Four 2 lb. packages 8 lbs. total.