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De Boles Pasta Rice Penne comes in a 8 ounce box. It is totally wheat and gluten free. It is an ideal product for those with gluten intolerance. It is made with Rice and Corn flours. Made with all natural ingredients. Making only the best since 1932.All natural. Wheat free. Gluten free. All natural ingredients. No preservatives or chemicals added. Improved flavor. DeBoles' Rice Shells and Cheddar dinner is delicious and easy to prepare. We have made great tasting pasta since 1932, but recently, more consumers have asked for additional wheat-free pasta products. Our Rice and Corn Pasta meet many basic nutritional needs, but until now, easy, quick, tasty 'Mac and Cheese' has not been available to wheat sensitive consumers. The pasta in this dinner is made with just the perfect rice for pasta. The sauce is made with all natural ingredients, making a beautiful creamy sauce to compliment the rice shells. Delicious when prepared according to instructions, only your imagination is needed to make this a truly special food. Add your favorite chopped cooked veggies for more flavor and texture. Rice is among the most versatile of grains. Along with wheat and corn, rice is one of the three basic grains developed from wild grasses in ancient times. Thousands of varieties are grown widely in warm climates throughout the world. We select just the right variety to product this nutritious pasta.