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Product Details
Petosa di Italia pasta is obtained from a small producer in the Marche region of Italy. Using particular selection of hard grains that adapts more to the climate conditions of the Adriatic, means the work with bronze procedures render a rough and porous surface. The drying is at low temperature for approximately 48 hours to obtain the finished product. The main element in order to produce the best quality pasta is the “Semolina”. It is produced by grinding the heart of the hard grain. The quality of the pasta depends therefore, on the quality of the hard grain from where it has been obtained. With this, it is the importance of quality labor in making of the pasta. The remarkable quality of our grain is given from the great passion and dedication that our workers have with our company. You will sense the quality of our pasta each time you prepare it for a meal. It is important not to overcook quality pasta. The outcome should be cooked enough to be firm but not soft known as “pasta al dente”. We know you will enjoy the quality of our pasta.