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Product Details
Long-term Odor Control Formula

Multi-cat owners can try the extra-strong odor elimination formula of Arm & Hammer SuperScoop Clumping Litter. This premium product helps remove the most stubborn litter box odors caused by bacteria and other germs.

Arm & Hammer SuperScoop Clumping Litter

  • Ammonia-based odor block formula
  • Contains highly absorbent corn fibers
  • Unique clumping system
  • Super soft and paw-friendly granules
  • Low tracking and dust free
  • Vet recommended
A Closer Look: This litter contains ammonia-based odor neutralizers and special baking soda crystals that act as effective deodorizing agents. Corn fibers present in the litter act as good absorbents. The litter clumps into a solid mass without crumbling and facilitates quick removal.

Made Specially for: Cats of all ages