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For the best-tasting, easiest-to-prepare red beans this side of Canal Street; try Blue Runner's Creole cream style red beans. Simply add up to 0.25 can of water to desired consistency. Heat and serve over rice or pasta. Blue Runner red beans taste great right out the can, and even better when served with your favorite sausage. For extra zip, add a little creole seasoning and hot sauce. The beans are slow, kettle-cooked for hours, the same way as the original recipe, to achieve the rich creamy content and flavor that make Blue Runner Beans so delicious. To achieve the consistency that every chef strives for, Blue Runner controls the entire cooking process in our own facility; we never co-pack. Our open kettles softly stir the beans, slowly cooking them, for hours. Once the pot has the perfect balance of bean cream and soft whole beans, we can ‘em and cook ‘em some more.
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