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Chicken of the Sea Premium Wild-Caught Pink Salmon 25oz pouches are a very convenient method of eating on the run or preparing a quick meal when time is short I recently began using Salmon in the pouch and really like how convenient it is to use and it taste great The pouch is very easy to open just by tearing the top of the pouch which has a pre-made notch to initiate an easy opening Once the pouch is open it is not resealable The Salmon can be eaten directly out of the pouch or you can empty the contents to make a salad or other meal I now keep some of these Salmon pouches at work and I carry a few in my every day carry EDC bag in case I get stuck somewhere and need a quick easy and healthy snack to keep me going I also carry some when hiking backpacking or camping The pouch is relatively strong and would not easily be punctured by an object As a precaution I do wrap the pouch in a one gallon freezer bag when carrying the Salmon in my EDC bag just as an added measure of caution Each pouch is considered one portion and contains 70 calories with 20 calories from fat Each serving contains 13 grams of protein The pouch has a label stating that the product is skinless and boneless This Salmon is a good source of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids The Salmon is labeled as a product of Thailand and the expiration date is over 2 years from that date that I purchased the Salmon so it will last awhile and there is no need to be concerned about the expiration date I have seen this product on sale at a local grocery store for under a dollar which is a great deal