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Product Details
Chef Curley Tail says curl your tail with our original seasoned pork puffies. Each package will make approximately 4 cups when puffed in your microwave. A snack food with less fat, less carbs, less calories and more natural protein than many other snacks such as potato chips and microwave popcorn. Our seasoning is made in our kitchen from all natural ingredients, no MSG, no preservatives and is gluten free. Our serving size is 1 ounce (about a quarter of a cup or one small handful). Put the pork rind pellets onto a microwave approved paper plate. Spread the pellets so they won't stack up on top of each other. Consider your first batch to be a test batch. This is because microwave ovens cook at different rates. Start with a time of a minute and a half. If some of the pellets don't puff up all the way, or if a few burn, adjust the time up or down by ten or fifteen seconds. They don't make any noise as they puff up. At this point you can add seasoning to the pork rinds. When they finish cooking they will be snapping, crackling and popping. This will continue for a few seconds. If you pop up more than you can eat, keep them in a zip lock bag for later. The microwave pellets should not be refrigerated and may be stored for 8 months at room temperature.