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Product Details
ASW Features: -Beautiful whistle is loads of fun.-Made of nickel-plated brass.-Comes with a gift box and song sheet.-Recommended for children over age 3.What goes up, must come down--and this slide whistle goes up and down the musical scale with ease. It's made of nickel-plated brass, is 12 inches long, and ranges two octaves; it's also solid to hold, not the usual plastic slide whistle that lasts about as long as popcorn at the movies. Like a trombone, you change pitch by blowing into the whistle and moving the slide. Included with your whistle are instructions for playing, a diagram of note positions, and a brief history of the slide whistle, a.k.a. the piston flute. Wetting your whistle couldn't be easier than this! Use it for sound effects on home videos, for kiddy musical presentations, or just to whistle while you work. Since it's a metal whistle, supervision of younger users is recommended. --Lee Strucker