Home » Grocery & Home Essentials » Vegetables » The Sprout House Dozen Organic Sprouting Seeds Mixes Sampler Small Quantities of Each Seed Mix Holly’s, Mix the Two, Rainbow Bean Mix, Wisdom Blend, 2 Wheats Together, Salad Mix, Veggie Queen Mix, Dill Salad Mix, Hi Power Protein Mix, Bean Salad Mix, Fennel Salad Mix, Lentils Together – contains these and more: alfalfa, radish, clover, broccoli, mung, green pea, fenugreek, garbanzo, adzuki, hard wheat, fennel

Product Details
Purchase your organic sprouting seeds sold from The Sprout House We care about our quality seeds Beware of imitations You are purchasing one dozen - 12 - of our most popular organic seed mixes for sprouting in very small quantities of each seed Approximately 2 ounces each of Hollys Mix the Two Rainbow Bean Mix Wisdom Blend 2 Wheats Together Salad Mix Veggie Queen Mix Dill Salad Mix Hi Power Protein Mix Bean Salad Mix Garliconion Mix Lentils Together Substitutions may occur due to seed availability