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Portabellas existence is truly accidental A mushroom farmer forgot to harvest a patch of mushrooms only to find that they had overgrown A Portabella mushroom as actually a brown crimini left to grow for a few more weeks Because of their long growing period they get very large and have a darker richer flavor than most other mushrooms Friedas Dried Portabella mushrooms are a perfect way to add rich color flavor and beefy texture to any recipe The long thin slices of this mushroom are a delicious addition to stir-fry dishes risottos or simply sauted as a topping for a grilled steak Dried mushrooms have a more concentrated flavor than fresh Always soak dried mushrooms in VERY hot water for 20 minutes or until soft before using Do not use before rehydrating Delicious addition to stir-fry dishes pastas beef dishes and stews Their rich beefy flavor is great in risottos and rice dishes or to top grilled steaks and chicken